Bad Boy Belly Bands


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What is a Belly Band?

A Belly Band is essentially a diaper for your pet. It is meant for minor excitable urination; the band may be used alone or with a feminine pad. For more serious cases of excitable urination, habitual leg-lifting habits and puppy accidents, simply attach a feminine pad to underneath the belly band. For larger breeds, I would recommend using a Poise pad. Wearing a belly band will not stop your dog from marking its territory inside your home, but it will save your furniture, carpets, and floors from the damage of dog urine. It will also save you the frustration of cleaning up after your pet’s messes! It is best to always have a few around the house so while you are washing one you are never without.

How I make my Belly Bands

I make my belly bands with two layers of 100% breathable cotton or snuggle flannel fabric. (see selection) I also add a third inner layer of fabric, which is made of snuggle flannel to help absorb the urine. The Belly Band is secured to your pet with a two inch, heavy duty strength Velcro.


My belly band is not meant to hold feces. I do not use a plastic liner for medical reasons. Urine held against the skin can cause hot spots and other serious medical complications. They may leak, so use with caution if you are not using an adhesive feminine pad.


My belly bands are easy to care for. Secure Velcro before washing to extend the life of your belly band. The Velcro will become gummy in your washer and dryer if left unattached, and could potentially fray your other items being washed. Machine wash with cold water and a mild detergent; stretch belly band, re-attach Velcro, and tumble dry on low heat. Iron on mild setting if necessary.

How to Measure for a Belly Band

How to measure a belly bandTo correctly measure your pet for a belly band measure around the waist, close to their back legs, and around the penis, as pictured here.
Do not pull tightly or the Belly Band will be too small. You want them to fit comfortably, with allowance for a pad if need be.

Want the perfect fit? I am happy to make the bands up to 1″ wider.

First select the length above that is closest to your pet’s measurement, but not smaller.

Enter custom Girth (A) inches and Width (B) inches – please enter whole or half inches only, i.e.- “20.0” or “20.5”

If you have any questions about how to measure please ask before ordering!