Prong Collar Covers


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Prong Collar Covers

My Prong Collar Covers easily velcros around your prong or pinch collar. My covers are made from fabric just like all my other collars. Once the prong cover is secured over the collar, you can barely tell that the dog is wearing a prong or pinch collar! It can also help to prevent links from coming loose. This is a cover only and does not include the prong collar.

The biggest problem with prong collars is that many dog owners don’t know how to put them on, how to size them or how to have their dog wear them.

This article is great at addressing these issues.

MY PRONG COLLAR COVERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Please measure the prongs of your collar and not the number of prongs. Each manufacturer has different size prongs.

Measuring for your prong collar: Collar covers are intended to cover the prong section of the collars only (not martingale loose chain part). Using a soft tape measure, measure only the prongs of your collar as pictured here. Some collars do not require the velcro pieces I place on the ends. In this case, the velcro pieces can simply be folded under or cut off. The Velcro spacing varies depending on the length of the cover. If the Velcro piece falls in line with a prong simply skip that piece or cut it off.

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