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I offer a large variety of collars, for pets both large and small, from fancy, fun and bright fabric to more subtle simpler patterns to fit all your pet needs. I also offer dog harnesses, leashes, coats and accessories.

I am often asked why “A Little Unique” the name came about because my last name is Little and when I started my craft business I sold more than just pet items.

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About Me

I am a graduate of the University of East Carolina, School Of Art. I live in Virginia with my husband and three children, and have been a foster mom to all kinds of dogs over the years. As far back as I can remember I have loved working on all kinds of craft projects.  A few years ago, I stopped working as a designer for a local builder in order to be at home with my family. Crafts and sewing are an enjoyable pastime for me, and have turned into my business. With the variety of dogs that have come through my house, I have made all kinds of harnesses and collars. I currently sell my pet products at local Northern VA craft shows, online, and with groomers for resale.  

Contact me at info@alittleunique.com

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Sophie "Sofa": Adopted in December 2014. She came from Puerto Rico and it was guesstimated that she was about 1 year old.
Cocoa "Puff": Our super sweet Imperial Shi Tzu,  born on August 8th 2011.

Bella "Trouble": A Pitt mix, and a foster for two weeks before we knew that she belonged to our family.

Penny, our 8 year old Beagle. She was the best dog ever. Every night at 8pm she would howl till I got up and gave her a treat.

Passed away October 30th 2014 from heart failure.

Boxer, our 13 year old tabby. He greatly missed my son when he went off to college. He passed away December 2012.

Kisha, our 16 year old English Shepherd, who passed away on 9/27/10. She is still much loved.

Mackey, Our first foster failure (only because I could not give him up.) He was with us for 2 short years, after 8 years in a puppy mill. After a long struggle with cancer we let him pass on 2/14/11.

Tiggy, whose life was cut too short by  his constant fears, but at least he new love for a short time, outside of a puppy mill. He passed on  9/3/11.